2018 Knitting and Slow Stitching Retreats in Switzerland

With summer coming around to the cooler nights of August, we notice that the days are getting ever so slightly shorter, imperceptibly at first… Then there is a slight haze to the valleys in the cooler mornings and the fog starts rolling into the glades. A slower pace is what we strive for, to savor these warm days, like a treasured gift, hold the glow of the sun in our hearts during the longer nights to come and set our sight to new adventures in the next mountain summer!
Here at Knitterati Retreats, I have been planning and organizing for a while now, and we have some exciting news for our retreats next year!

2018 Knitting retreat dates

But before we get more into details, our 2018 dates are:

  • August 6th-August 12th, 2018, Retreat at Schloss Münchwenwiler for knitting, relaxing, and slow paced historical adventures in the area (including a chocolate factory tour, and a lake cruise!)
    Nancy Marchant will join us from August 6th to August 12th at Schloss Münchenwiler for some fun with Brioche knitting
  • Our Mountain retreat will be held from August 13th tho August 19th up on the Riederalp. We have some exciting changes for this retreat, which will be including a broader spectrum of fiberarts and will be our first slow stitching retreat!

In addition to knitting, at the Riederalp Slow Stitching retreat you get to work on some thoughtful projects learning hand embroidery on pure linen fabric an. We will also have a very limited number of spots available for this retreat, at only 16 participants, we strive to create a more connected and intimate atmosphere and this will make sure everyone gets to enjoy our mountain hikes! We are working with a few shepherds and local wildlife and breed diversity conservation organisations and are hoping to have a guest speaker available to come tell us about the Vallais Blacknose (Schwarznasen Schaf) sheep, why (sheep) breed diversity is important and a few tidbits of the life of shepherds in the Swiss Alps. Vallais Blacknose Sheep are an iconic rare Swiss sheep breed. The sheep look almost too cute to be true, but they are hardy fellows and which we might see a flock grazing high up on the mountains!

Photography by David Gerke

Along with a few other program changes, the one we are most excited about and new for 2018 is the availability of single rooms at both our retreats, with a discount available for those wishing to share a room with their friend!

Reserve your calendar now, pre-registration opens in late August early September!