Which Retreat is for you?

Take a step off the beaten path…

   …and discover parts of Switzerland that few get to see on such a short and relaxing trip. Each one of our locations has been carefully selected for it’s unique beauty and location, be they historic or natural wonders. Beyond that, we offer 2 types of retreats, a relaxing and renewing Knitterati Retreat at Schloss Münchenwiler, and if you prefer your stay to be a little more active, our Knitterati Retreat at Riederalp-Aletsch Glacier, which involves some hiking and time in nature.

Schloss Münchenwiler

Pleasant, historic and relaxing!

Knitting Retreat

Find a haven on the grounds of a historic castle, learn some new knitting skills in a relaxed atmosphere, tour a chocolate factory. Take time to visit the walled town of Murten, a small town dating back to the middle ages situated on the scenic southern shores of Lake Morat (or Lake Murten, depending on the language you prefer).

Moving at a gentle and easy pace, this retreat will allow ample free time to knit, wander the grounds, perhaps journal a bit or just reconnect and enjoy the company of like minded people. Our day trips take us to a chocolate factory and a medieval town. Need a little extra adventure? Perhaps you might take a dip in Lake Murten.

You should be able to comfortably walk a mile to make the daytrips enjoyable.

Need an escape from your busy day-to-day and want to pick up some knitting skills but prefer to take it easy and take in the serene beauty of this place at a leisurely pace…

Knitterati Retreat at Schloss Münchenwiler

Riederalp – Aletsch

Active, stunning and exhilarating!

Slow Stitching Retreat

Stay close to nature in this beautiful location nestled on the south slopes of the Rhone valley in the Aletsch region. Enjoy the scenery, the fresh mountain air, learn some new knitting skills, go for hikes to pristine mountain lakes, and relax in the hotel pool or sauna. The seasonal local cuisine will fill your senses and your instructors will fill your minds with inspiration and confidence.

We will take several hikes, so good physical condition is a must for this trip (must be able to walk for 4-5h) while the altitude isn’t as much of a factor as in a lot of the Rockies, there still will be a significant amount of elevation gain to handle on our mountain hikes and sure footing is a must to navigate some of the narrower passages on the trails.

If you’re looking for a getaway that balances your sitting and knitting time with a more active counterpart, exhilarating hikes in the fresh mountain air and ample occasion to wear your woolies in the evenings…

Knitterati Retreat at Riederalp

Swiss windows

I love the geraniums that often decorate windows, even in the cities!

Lake and Mountain

Many places in Switzerland the mountains end right at the edge of the lake, like here at Lake Brienz.

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