2017 Instructor Simone Kereit


Our instructor for both the Schloss Münchenwiler (July 31st to August 6th) as well as the Riederalp -Aletsch Arena knitting retreat (August 6th to August 13th) at Riederalp in Switzerland was born and raised in Switzerland, though she currently calls the US East Coast her home, her thoughts are never far from where her passion for knitting began. Take this unique opportunity to not only learn knitting techniques, but get a unique inside perspective into what growing up and living in Switzerland is like.

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Simone Kereit


Simone grew up in Switzerland where she learned to knit around age five. She is a designer and instructor who brings her enthusiasm for the creativity of yarn and her love for teaching to all her workshops and classes, while her passion for fine arts and her ability to speak several languages have helped her understand and relate to students of varying levels of expertise and have shaped her ability to create patterns that are easy to read yet result in creative and classic designs.

Her designs have been featured in print and online, in books and magazines, including Knit Edge, 'In Bloom', and Knitscene. She has collaborated with big name as well as indie yarn companies such as Plucky Knitter, Madeline Tosh, Miss Babs, and Mountain Meadow Wool, and worked with exclusive yarn clubs. She is the author of 3 books, and mastermind behind her annual themed shawl club.

She will be teaching two workshops at each of our 2 knitting retreats, both from July 31st to August 6th at Schloss Münchenwiler as well as August 6th to August 13th at Riederalp in Switzerland.

mosaic knitting


Mosaic Knitting

The easiest way to start working with 2 colors has to be mosaic knitting! Through the strategic use of slipped stitches, we will create intricate looking patterns while using only one color per row! No stranding or carrying a second color of yarn along the wrong side. We will cover garter and stockinette versions of mosaic patterns, and learn to understand the concept by swatching a couple of patterns. We will also look at reading mosaic color charts (it's super easy!) and then cast on a cowl (pattern provided) or one of the designs from Simone's new mosaic colorwork collection 'Karyai - classical beauty meets modern forms' (link to lookbook)

Double knitting by OwlCat Designs


The Basics of Double Knitting

Learn the basics of Double knitting, a technique that creates a double thickness, reversible fabric without a wrong side! We beginn by learning basic no-pattern Double Knitting (one color on one side and the second color on the other side) With this simple pattern, there is no need to catch any long floats or worry about tensioning the background yarn properly as can be the case in other color techniques. After learning the basics of the fabric, we will dive in and learn a 2-color cast on, and practice this technique by working on a simple 2 sided coaster or a pair of cozy double knit wrist warmers.

Double knit hat Odonata


Double Knitting: Pick your own Adventure!

With the knowledge gained in the basic class, you will now learn about patterned Double Knitting and create your very own double knit cowl or wrist warmers. We will talk about basic Double Knit charts and how to read them and then create a chart for a 'one of a kind' item by drawing your own design from a set of templates or your own vision. We then learn how to add 2 color patterns to your Double Knitting, using your very own chart!

Meet Simone Kereit

See more of Simone's work as a designer on her website.


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